Consumer durables

The highly competitive consumer durables sector faces several material sustainability issues. These include managing complex global supply chains to meet consumer demands while keeping costs low, maintaining product availability and dealing with low profit margins. Both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce businesses must navigate intense competition and reputational risks due to the substitutable nature of their products.

Consumer durables manufacturing

The consumer goods manufacturing industry faces sustainability challenges, including lifecycle environmental impact, water scarcity and product safety. Opportunities lie in eco-friendly product design, efficient resource use and compliance with increasing regulatory scrutiny on hazardous chemicals, driving innovation and enhancing brand value and market share.

Consumer durables retail

The retail sector in consumer goods faces significant sustainability risks and opportunities, including data centre energy and water management, cyber security for electronic payments, packaging waste reduction and maintaining consumer data privacy. Effective management of these areas can drive cost savings, mitigate reputational risks and enhance market competitiveness.

Textiles, apparel & footwear

The textiles, apparel and footwear industries face significant sustainability challenges, including water and air pollution from dyeing and tanning processes and the use of harmful chemicals. Addressing these issues through regulatory compliance and innovative materials can mitigate reputational risks and improve cost structures, driving long-term value creation.

Luxury goods & cosmetics

The luxury goods and cosmetics industry, including household and personal products, apparel, accessories and footwear, faces significant sustainability challenges. Key risks include water scarcity, regulatory scrutiny on hazardous chemicals and packaging waste. Opportunities lie in adopting eco-friendly practices, enhancing resource efficiency and reducing environmental impact to drive value creation and compliance.